Welcome on my new blog: data governance Belgium

Belgium Atomium Welcome

Welcome to the website of Data Governance Belgium. This is an iniative of myself, Jeremy A. to open discussions, share knowledge, collaborate & evaluate Data Governance, specifically within the Belgian borders but not limited to that.

As I’m speaking about Data Governance, I will deal with Data Security, Data Privacy, Regulations, Compliance & all aspects around data that is stored within company premises or within the cloud (Service Providers).

A word about myself, I’m Jeremy A. 28years old & living close to Brussels. Bachelor in Information Technology & an Executive Master in IT Management from Solvay Business School Brussels Economics & Management. I’m working for the leading provider of software solutions for unstructured, human-generated enterprise data.

My objectives are to enforce the Data Governance topic, Share knowledge, facts I’m facing around Data Security & Data Governance.

Kind regards,

Jeremy A.